40th Reunion Committee

(volunteers and donors)


Lynn Bodi (Madison WI) 
Steve Thompson (Chicago IL)
Tom Allen (Fitchburg, WI)
Tom Ansusinha (Bangkok, Thailand)
Mike Bailey (Madison, WI)
Ron Conlin (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Bob Conner (St. Paul, MN)
Robin Jurrens Cox (St. Charles, IL)
Julie Frisch Cortez (Sun Prairie, WI)
Gil Dacumos (Vetavia, AL)
Trish Zarnstorff Erickson (Naples, FL)
Jim Fenley (Belleville, WI)
Lisa Erlich  (Sebastopol, CA)
Fritz Grutzner (Madison, WI)
Kris Wilson Halvorson (Monona, WI)
Deanna Sutcliffe Heller (Fitchburg, WI)
Mark Hervey (Brooklyn, NY)
Sarah Bahnson Jeffords (Madison, WI)
Amy Lakritz (Canton, OH)
Jean Rausch Lansing (Washington, DC)
Mary Manion-Pfeil (Waunakee, WI)
Lynette Merriman (Long Beach, CA)
Jennie Norton Perry-Raymond (Oregon, WI)
Jennie Six Reul (Norwalk, CT)
Judy Launder Salm (Neenah, WI)
Michele Zweifel Sitzberger (Benton, TN)
Bethanne Boll Ventura (Davidson, NC)
Anne Splitt White (New Castle, CO)


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“Old stories are like old friends.   You have to visit them from time to time.”

George R.R. Martin